Alleged For Having Burnt His Wife: Me Valayden – “No Evidence Against Sanjay Luchmun”

The trial of Sanjay Luchmun, accused of having burnt his companion Santee okil, will come to an end on Tuesday after the summing-up of the judge, Benjamin Joseph Marie.

The trial on Monday, May 23 was marked by the argument of the defense counsel, Mr. Rama Valayden when the latter argued that there is “no evidence linking Sanjay Luchmun to the death of the deceased.” There is no connection between his client and the death of Santee okil. He noted that the record of the prosecution is based solely on the testimony of Sandeep Gones, the son of Sanjay Luchmun, who suffers from Trisomy 21.

The lawyer pointed out that Dr. Dev Ramkoosalsingh, a psychiatrist, said that such people are easily influenced. This was the finding that Me Rama Valayden pointed out after the interrogatory of the stepson of Sanjay Luchmun. In fact, Sandeep Gones said that it was his father who alerted the police.

Me Rama Valayden then highlighted what he considers flaws in the police investigation. “Il y a des éléments importants qui manquent dans le dossier de la poursuite,” he said. The defense counsel, among others, noted that the investigation has not revealed whether it is possible to move a distance of seven meters keeping a small piece of burning paper and then use it to burn someone. Me Rama Valayden demanded an acquittal.

In his closing speech, Mr. Abdool Tajoodeen Raheem, representing the prosecution contended, for his part, that the three elements of the premeditated murder without charge have been established. The lawyer refutes the theory of suicide because, he said, burns on the body of the deceased are not compatible with suicide. He described the deceased as a vibrant woman and mother of three children. According to him, it is unthinkable that she ended her days. Sanjay Luchmun is accused of burning his concubine Santee okil. The drama took place on the 8th of March 2009, in Beau-Bassin. The accused pleaded not guilty.