Public Service: 52000 Applicants For 600 Jobs

The public service has more than ever been on the rise. For the 594 recruitment made since the 1st of January, there were exactly 52, 853 applicants.
The number of applicants received is a proof that many Mauritians still consider being recruited as a civil servant is a social guarantee of success. Moreover, 8, 259 people applied for the 350 posts available as Management Support Officer in the Ministry of Public Administration.
The call for applications for the post of School Clerk at the Department of Education has also attracted a lot of applicants. For only 59 vacancies, 7, 735 people have applied for the job. Also very popular: the work of Word Processing Operator for which 4, 848 people responded to the call of the Ministry of Public Service. Even a job in prisons seems to attract: 2, 288 people applied for the job of Prisons Officer while there are only 30 positions remaining. On the other hand, firefighters needed are four and a total of 6, 262 people wanted to find employment. No less than 1, 986 people wanted to find themselves well in Occupational Therapy Assistant at the Department of Education. Unfortunately, there were only four jobs available in this area.
There were 4, 988 applications for five positions of Ticket / Sales Officer at the Department of Agro business and 1, 179 applicants for two analyst positions at the Ministry of Industry and Trade. For the function of Office Management Officer, there were 1, 278 applicants for 21 vacancies.