[VIDEO] Anil Gayan: «Il n’y aura plus de chomage a la fin de notre mandat»

The Muvman Liberater, one of the three parties in the government coalition, held a congress on Sunday, June 12 in Gros Cailloux to mark its second anniversary. Speaking on the occasion, the Minister of Health, Anil Gayan said the government did a lot of hiring since taking charge of the country in December 2014.

“Je n’ai aucun doute qu’à la fin de notre mandat, il n’y aura plus de chômage. Cela ne veut pas dire que tout le monde aura un emploi dans la fonction publique,” he launched to the ML supporters gathered.


The Minister Gayan also announced the measures in relation to medical school. Now, aspiring doctors will face a list of institutions recognized by the Mauritian authorities.

The ML leader, Ivan Collendavelloo, also spoke at the rally. He returned on the facts that led him to resign from MMM shortly before the parliamentary elections in 2014 to create his own party.

“Sans le ML, l’alliance PTr-MMM aurait été au pouvoir,” he said, comparing the campaign with the battle between David and Goliath. MPs Ravi Rutnah and Eddy Boissézon also spoke on that day.