Loto: When The Jackpot Are Used To Pay For Health Care!

The winner of this week was presented at the headquarters of Lottotech to take his check.
Rs 5 095 114. This is the sum that a father wins with the Lotto this week. An amount that could not come at a better time since it will be used to pay for the health care of a family member: “Je suis très content et surtout, soulagé d’avoir remporté le jackpot qui aidera à payer l’opération de mon enfant.” He waited two days and finally visited the headquarters of Lottotech in Ebene this Wednesday,11th of May.
The father, who has always had the hope to win the pot, says he will use the money for “medical expenses which are estimated at over Rs 10,000 per month for life.” He had bet Rs 40 on two boxes of “quick pick” among one of the retailers of the National Lottery in the East of the island.