Mont-Choisy: French Couple Attacked By Three Hooded Thieves

A French of 57 years old and his wife, who were staying in a hotel at Mont Choisy, were attacked by three masked robbers in the early hours of Saturday morning. The intruders took away a sum estimated at about Rs 45 500. The couple arrived in Mauritius last week for vacation. In the early hours of Saturday morning, the two French were fast asleep when they were awakened by a strange noise. Three hooded thugs broke into their room. They were armed with swords and searched the room entirely.

“Les voleurs ont emporté mon argent et une caméra numérique. Ils voulaient aussi prendre l’iPhone de ma femme et notre ordinateur portable. Je leur ai fait comprendre que mon épouse est médecin et qu’il y a des données importantes enregistrées dans l’iPhone et sur l’ordinateur portable. Je les ai suppliés, ils m’ont retourné le smartphone et l’ordinateur. Ils sont partis avec mon argent et ma caméra numérique, soit un butin de quelque Rs 45 500,” says the French in his statement to the police station of Trou Aux Biches.

The couple departed on Monday, 9th of May. The hotel’s surveillance cameras were not working at the time of the theft. The Crime Branch of Trou-aux-Biches has opened an investigation. It is conducted by the inspector Seegoolam under the supervision of the Superintendent Callee.