Montagne Longue : Student Assaulted In The School And Urinating Blood While The Schoolmaster Thinks That Kind Of Aggression Is Normal

The incident occurred on the 2nd of May in the school grounds of the Mohabeer Foogoa Government School at Montagne Longue. Since then, the schoolboy, a resident of Terre Rouge prepares his CPE notes has been suffering from stomach pains.
It is from a school of the fourth class that a boy who allegedly assaulted him on the stomach. He was hospitalized for a week and still can not get to his class. Yesterday, his parents noticed traces of blood in his urine.
This is what angered his parents. They went to school several times and deplore the way to the schoolmaster.
The mother of the victim confided the news in Top Fm.
Asked for a reaction, the schoolmaster declined to comment explaining that it is quite normal that these things happen in the hour of recreation.