Absenteeism: The Colleges Resist To E-Register

Parents are notified of the absence of their children through the E-Register.
At least 45 state colleges would be affected. The School Superintendents of these schools, which are mostly responsible to report students who are absent to parents through the E-Register, dispute this electronic system. The reason: although simple to use, it is emphasized in the areas concerned, it would increase their workload.
Il faudrait revoir notre Scheme of Duty. Nous avons trop de tâches,” says Jayshree Arnachellum, Secretary of the School Superintendents Union. “Après le registre, il faut voir le Lateness Book. Pour plusieurs raisons, les élèves n’y inscrivent pas leurs noms. Toutes ces vérifications prennent deux à trois heures,” she says.
Wage Allowance
The problem does not stop there: “Il y a des parents très agressifs qui appellent à l’école. Certains menacent de nous poursuivre. Nous avons écrit plusieurs lettres au ministère de l’Education pour discuter de ce problème,” added the secretary of the School Superintendents Union.
The School Superintendents Union announced that it will advance the threats if the department does not solve the problem. Especially a wage allowance that they had been promised verbally during the introduction of the E-Register, says Jayshree Arnachellum.
How the E-Register functions? In each class, we note the names of the missing students and through a computerized system, parents are notified through an SMS.