After The Hawkers: Same Treatment For Owners Exposing Items On Sidewalks

After the hawkers were dislodged from the streets of the capital, the government goes to another level.
From June 1, stores and other businesses will no longer be allowed to display their products on the streets and sidewalks. This is regardless of the city or village. The whole structure will be removed by inspectors and law enforcement.
This measure was taken at a meeting on Thursday by the Ministry of Local Government. It was attended by the minister, Anwar Husnoo, police elements of the National Transport Authority and the municipality of Port-Louis. The ban will affect other cities and large villages such as Mahebourg, Goodlands, Flacq, Rivière du Rempart or Triolet.
“Aucune exception ne sera tolérée. Toutes les structures, y compris les tables et les paniers, devront être ôtées de la rue. Nous prendrons des actions très sévères. Il s’agit d’intensifier l’exercice commencé avec les marchands ambulants,” said a spokesman from the ministry.
The authorities will also participate in cité Martial where street vendors who operated once in the center of Port-Louis, settled since they can no longer sell their products on the street. The report presented at the meeting: the space built for street vendors at Decaen is 100% occupied; that fitted to the North station is 90% occupied, say the figures compiled by municipal inspectors.