[VIDEO] SBM Port-Louis: Rs 120 000 Stolen

It is security officer who made the discovery on Monday morning, 16th of May at the branch of the State Bank of Mauritius (SBM) of Royal Street, Port Louis.
Rs 120,000 were stolen away by thugs, early indications by the police investigation.

Watch video below:

The thugs, according to our intersections have also tried to push the ATM with a blowtorch. To do this, they broke into the store by a transom, and have disabled the system of surveillance cameras.
The ATM machine has two parts: one outside the window where you can make cash withdrawals; and the other inside the bank with a safe and the entire computer system.
Once inside the bank, the thugs used a torch connected to an oxygen tank to cut the trunk and access to the bank notes.
Besides the Rs 120,000 washed away several banknotes were caught in fire; the amount has still to be assessed.