Sinking Of MV Benita At Le Bouchon: The Filipino Seafarer Faces Up To 60 Years In Prison

The main suspect Umar Palmes Taton was placed in detention at the Moka center and will be questioned today.

He appeared before the Bail and Remand Court on Monday under an interim charge of “assault with aggravating circumstances” and could also be charged under the Maritime and Piracy Violence Act. In addition, the crew of the ship will be constantly questioned and a reconstruction of the events should be held in the coming days.

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But what does the law say about this kind of offense? We sought the advice of a lawyer. Mr. Siven Tirvassen indicates that it is the DPP who has the power to decide in which court the accused person will be judged. If the case goes before the Supreme Court, the person may be sentenced to the maximum penalty of 60 years in prison.

Remember, an argument aboard the ship MV Benita with the Liberian flag that caused a change of direction leading it on reefs at Le Bouchon last Friday. A Filipino sailor was seriously injured during the fight.

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The alleged attacker locked himself in the engine room and cut the ship’s navigation system, pushing it to drift.