The Light Rail Project Could Cost Rs 45 Billion Due To Political Procrastination

We remember that the design was already done for the North and South … The state even acquired land in Quatre-Bornes and Camp Chapelon about the same topic … or there was a lot of wasted money like the Rs 800 million wasted with Singaporean consultants for feasibility studies.

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Another problem: the route of the light rail as explained by Dr. Raffick Sorefan, the Patriotic Movement;
Today, new studies should be conducted with the arrival of Smart Cities and Heritage City project … which will drive up costs, according to Ajay Gunnes. According to the secretary general of the MMM, decongesting our roads remains the priority.
Initially the project was to cost the firm Afcons some Rs 32 billion … amount was reduced to Rs 26.8 billion after negotiations … or professionals in this environment feel that the current cost could be around Rs 45 billion.