Drama In Plaine Verte: Aisha’s Family Rejects The Thesis Of Overdose

How Aisha Bibi Joomeea died on Tuesday in Plaine-Verte? This question is nagging her relatives. Her death was attributed to cerebral edema but authorities are awaiting toxicology report to confirm the thesis of the overdose. For her family, the young woman died following beatings that was inflicted by her husband. What does the latter think about this? We met him in Plaine-Verte. He replies laconically: “I have nothing to say about it.”

“Dépi lontan nou tou inn dir li kit so mari, mais elle ne nous a jamais écoutés. Il faut croire qu’elle l’aimait…,” says Rooksana Dinally with eyes filled with tears. 13 years that her daughter married Bashir Joomeea and they fought all the time, she alleges.

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What happened that day? In the morning, Aisha Joomeea visited him. A few days earlier she had been violently assaulted by her husband, supports Rooksana Dinally. “C’était il y a deux semaines. Elle est arrivée chez nous à 5 heures du matin, le corps ensanglanté et le visage tuméfié,” recalls Yashine Allam, the youngest of the siblings of seven children.

Aisha stayed with her mother to recover from the injuries she got from punches and other tools. And she returned home the morning of that fatal day. “Ce que nous ne comprenons pas, explique son autre soeur, Benazir, c’est qu’à 17 heures, ses voisins l’ont vu marcher dans la rue sans problème. À 17 h 30, ils ont entendu ma soeur hurler au secours car elle était encore une fois victime de son mari. Et moins d’une heure après, elle était décédée. Si elle avait fait une overdose, elle n’aurait pas appelé à l’aide…”

A woman living near the house where Aisha Joomeea died confirms this version. She even said she is willing to testify anonymously. Yashine Allam says that when he went to identify the body of her sister she had a hip injury. “Aisha était constamment violentée par son mari,” insist the family of the young woman.

But why they did not denounce these facts? “Cela fait des années que ma fille fait des dépositions. Son frère l’a accompagnée à plusieurs reprises mais rien n’a jamais été fait. La police n’a jamais agi,” says Rooksana Dinally, annoyed. She relates the long hell life of her daughter. In 2010, she was in a coma after her intestine was perforated. And it was her husband who inflicted the blows. He then laid the motionless body of Aisha in front of her mother’s house. It is the latter who called an ambulance. She added that the husband even burned her daughter with cigarettes.

Many times, Aisha Joomeah made statements to the police and has resorted to a Form 58. “Une fois, j’étais à bout et j’ai appelé les officiers de la Child Development Unit pour qu’ils viennent tirer ma nièce (NdlR : la fille d’Aisha) de cet enfer où elle vivait, mais ils n’ont fait que donner un avertissement,” added Yashine Allam.

But where does the thesis of overdose come from? “Ma soeur ne se shootait pas,” said the brother of Aisha Joomeea. “Elle était sous méthadone et prenait des sirops de temps en temps. À une époque, son mari l’immobilisait pour la shooter, mais elle ne l’a jamais fait elle même. C’est pour cela que nous n’y croyons pas,” added Benazir.

However, for Fatima Joomeea, mother-in-law of Aisha, she took a lot of drugs. Moreover, she rejects the claim that the woman died from the beatings inflicted by his son. “Ma belle-fille est tombée alors qu’elle était dans la maison. Mon fils n’était pas encore arrivé.”

Fatima Joomeea tells a different story. She said her son was not at home when her daughter passed away. “Mon fils était dehors. À un moment, ma petite-fille est venue nous dire que sa mère est tombée. Mon fils l’a transportée vers le lit,” she said. She added Aisha was taking medication on a daily basis. But what about the thesis of overdose? “Je ne sais pas. Je ne lui parlais pas tellement,” she replied.

The police of Plaine-Verte indicate that the victim has actually filed several complaints against her husband. However, she also allegedly removed a few of them.