Possession Of Cannabis: The Search At Cite Vallijee Yesterday Night.

Police officers of the Special Supporting Unit (SSU) were assigned to patrol the royal road at Grand River North East yesterday night. The patrol took place around 10 p.m.
During their mission, they saw a man with suspicious behavior. Upon seeing the policemen approaching him, the latter dropped his cigarette containing cannabis and ran away. He was chased by the policemen and was then arrested.
However, this inhabitant of Cite-Vallijee was released after interrogation.
In the same context, during another patrol in Surinam last night, the CID of Souillac spotted a van carrying six people. After searching the van, they found leaves that could be that of cannabis. The six persons were arrested and the matter is under police investigation.
Finally, after receiving reliable information, police officers of Brisee Verdiere searched an isolated land at Mare D’Australia. They eventually found and seized cannabis.