[St Croix] Two Suspected Drug Traffickers Busted With Synthetic Drugs

A driver of 32 years old living in Beau Bassin was caught red handed by the sleuths of the Anti Drug and Smuggling Unit (ADSU) of Metropolitan Division St. Croix on Monday evening.

Acting on specific information, the squad of the anti-drug brigade went to the road of Pamplemousses in St. Croix where they arrested a man who was under a bridge.

The suspect was in possession of a certain quantity of synthetic drugs, whose market value is estimated at Rs 9000, and a sum of Rs 1200 suspected to come from the sale of drugs. Both drugs and cash were seized. The thirties was brought before the court in Port Louis on Tuesday under a provisional charge of drug trafficking. He was then remanded to the Beau-Bassin prison. When questioned by investigators, the suspect explained that the drug was for his own consumption.

Also on Monday night, the bloodhounds of the anti drug squad have arrested a resident of Bamboo of 41 years old. She was arrested in Ducray Street Ste-Croix with 20 grams of synthetic drugs on her possession. The market value of the drugs is estimated at Rs 30 000. During questioning, she argued that the drug was for her own consumption. She was brought before the court on Tuesday where a provisional charge of drug trafficking has been lodged against her. She was then sent to the police cell.