[VIDEO] Turkey Terror Attack: 36 Dead And 150 Injured

The triple suicide bombing at Istanbul’s main international airport has killed 36 people and as many as 150 people have been injured. It is yet to be confirmed if ISIS was behind the attack at Turkey’s Ataturk Airport.
The Turkish Prime minister revealed that their primary suspicion for the time being is ISIS given that Turkey has been showing consistent concern to eradicate ISIS just like many other countries.
The attack went down as follows: There were three attackers, all wearing explosive vest and heavily armed. They arrived by taxi and managed to get inside the airport halls despite the heavy security. The attackers opened fire and detonated themselves.

Watch video below:

ISIS has not actually yet claimed responsibility for the attacks but the turmoil for Turkey keeps on increasing. The last attack in the country killed several tourists and was done in an attempt to shake the tourist industry of Turkey.
Turkey is a democratic country where gender equality between men and women prevails up to a fair extent. As a way to retaliate to the ongoing threats to the country, the Turkish government has revealed that it will continue to fight ISIS with the cooperation of Western intelligence agencies and the U.S.