Bramer Assets Management: More Than 300 Cients Have Been Reimbursed.

Yesterday morning promised to be a good one for many clients. Those whose names started from A to H were entitled to receive their payments.
Those who had invested less than Rs 500,000 did not have to fill in any form. They got their money back by bank transfer. Those who had invested more than Rs 500,000 were asked to abide by a few formalities.
Most clients were relieved and happy upon receiving their money. Some also thanked the Government for its support. However, a few revealed that they were now more reluctant to invest their money.
However, some clients were referred to the Financial Investigation Unit. One of the clients was shocked because the latter had invested less than Rs 25,000.
All that needs to be known about the reimbursement of the Super Cash Back Gold and the Bramer Assets Management will be discussed on Tempo la So today afternoon on Top-Fm as from 16h30.