Rodrigues Island: A French Wounded On Board His Yacht Rescued By The National Coast Guard

The rescue operation will take place this afternoon or in the early morning tomorrow. The yacht in question has had a few setbacks following bad weather conditions. The ship is still in deep waters and it is situated less than 380 miles from the north of the island.
The yacht will be towed by the cargo MV. Gregorious whose arrival is expected impatiently at Port-Mathurin. The injured person will be transported to the Creve-Coeur hospital. There are three French on board- two men and one woman.


The operation took place this morning. The yacht on which were three French nationals, including two men and a woman, suffered damage following bad weather.

The boat drifting about 380 nautical miles north of the island, was towed by MV freighter Gregorious. The injured was taken to the Crève-Cœur hospital, where care was provided to him.