[AUDIO] Important: We Are Requesting All Those Who Want To Help Ayesha’s Family NOT To Rush

Following the visit of Ministers Roopun, Dawreeawoo, Husnoo and Perraud, Top FM asks all those who wish to help Ayesha’s family not to rush for donations of food, items and money. You can always leave your name and the nature of your support at our reception at the following number: 2132121/2137777 or on our WhatsApp Service on 52550606. They received enough basic needs. We’ll have to wait prior to decision by the authorities and what they propose to do. We will keep you informed. Meanwhile, Top FM will do the best for the following things until further notice from the Ministry:

1) medical treatment of the Nazmine;
2) the search for a suitable temporary home until we find her a permanent residence; and
3) ensure that Nazmine receives social assistance.

An inquiry is underway to determine whatever Nazmine has said so far are relevant (true) or not. For example, the fact that she’s been living in this situation with her family for four years without getting any help. Secondly, her daughter did not attend school since four years. Last but not the least, the rental price of the house where Nazmine and her family is living currently.

Please listen to the audio that is going viral at the moment:

Source of audio: Viral Mauritius

Thank you for your collaboration.