[Cristiano Ronaldo]: “It Hurts Me To See Lionel Messi In Tears.”

Cristiano Ronaldo has said that it hurt him to see his Barcelona rival Lionel Messi in tears after the defeat in the Copa America Centenario final and that he genuinely hopes that the Argentine gives another thought about his international retirement.

Messi made the shocking decision to step away from international football in emotional comments made straight after he had missed in the penalty shootout as his country lost to Chile.

Ronaldo also said that he had not liked seeing his Barcelona counterpart so disturbed and he hoped that Messi would soon get over the disappointment.

“It hurts me to see Messi in tears and I hope he returns to his national team, because they need him,” Ronaldo said.

“[Messi] is not used to defeats and disappointments, not even to finishing second,” Ronaldo said. “To miss a penalty does not make you a bad person,” revealed Ronaldo.

Messi has faced much criticism by pundits and fans in his home country during his international career, but many have rallied behind the 29-year-old since his latest disappointment, with even Argentina national president Mauricio Macri calling on him to rethink the decision to retire.

Nevertheless, Ronaldo said that  everyone should agree that Messi has the right to make his own decisions over his career.

“He has taken a difficult decision and the fans should accept it,” he further said.