[VIDEO] Victim Of A Road Accident: Six Years Of Nightmare For The Little Ryan Brette, Paralyzed For Life

It’s a heartbreaking story upsetting Ryan Brette who at the age of 7 exuded joy. Words can not describe the pain, the suffering that the family goes through daily since the 8th of March 2010. Ryan was returning from school and when he got off the bus he was hit by a van near a bus stop in l’Amitié. Following this accident, he became paralyzed. He became completely dependent and he can not speak or see. For over six years, the family of the teenager always expected to be compensated by the insurance company of the van, Swan Insurance.

But what has exactly happened on March 8, 2010? What are the circumstances of the accident? In an attempt to shed light on what happened, we went to the scene of the accident, that is to say, at l’Amitié on the main road near the bus stop.

Watch video below:


Ryan’s mother Sheila despite being a courageous woman said to be exhausted. She continues to struggle but until when? Ryan said he wanted to become a firefighter when he was small, but now he’s the prisoner of the flame of the authorities or even the gear that represent justice, insurance companies, or the system as a whole.

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