Assault And Abduction Of A Deputy Commissioner Of Police’s Son: Sharone St Mart And Marc Bigaignon Arrested

They were wanted since June 25. Their lam ended on Monday morning. Bigaignon Jean Marc, 36 of age and Mary Sharone St Mart, 25 of age are both well known to the police and were arrested by detectives from the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of Camp Levieux.

They are suspected of kidnapping the son of a high ranking police officer and forcing him to make a withdrawal in Coromandel on the evening of Friday, May 27. The suspects were detained at Camp Levieux. They were then sent to the CID of Rose Hill. During interrogation, Jean Marc Bigaignon and Marie Sharone St Mart admitted to having robbed the son of the deputy commissioner of police (DCP).

The suspects were brought before the Rose Hill Court where they were charged with robbery. The police objected to their release on bail. The two suspects were escorted by police cell.

This case aroused controversy. The son of the DCP, a 32 year old bank employee was driving in the official BMW of his father when he was attacked. An anonymous letter was in circulation to denounce an attempt of “cover-up” in this case. According to the author of the anonymous letter, the son of the DCP stopped in the vicinity of Coin Idéal at Rose Hill in search of a prostitute. The case became complicated because he did not comply with the concluded deal. A person threatened him with a sharp weapon and allegedly forced to make a withdrawal. After the incident, the son made no statement. Only one entry was logged to the Coromandel and Rose Hill police station.

It was on June 25 that the victim eligible to drive the car of his father complained. In his testimony, he explained that on May 27 around midnight he was in his father’s car in the Célicourt Antelme street in Rose Hill when a woman asked for a “lift”. When he stopped, an individual threatened him with a cutter and stole Rs 1,000 and his mobile. The thug then allegedly got in the passenger seat. They then went to the nearest ATM and forced the young man to make a withdrawal in Coromandel. The senior officer and his son have rejected allegations of “cover-up”. “Je me suis arrêté. J’ai donné un ‘lift’ à la dame. J’étais traumatisé, c’est pourquoi je n’ai fait aucune déclaration,” he argues.