Deadly Accident In Midlands: A Holder Of A “Learner” Positive For Alcohol, Dylan Sunassee Dead

He ran on the highway injuries on the body. Dharmatmah Ramhit was arrested in the early evening on Monday, July 11 at Midlands by a police motorcyclist. The man of 27 of age who holds the provisional license (learner) ha an accident while driving his car. One of his two passengers, Shervin Sunassee, was seriously injured while the other, Dylan Sunassee died. They are cousins.

Dharmatmah Ramhit was subjected to a breath test which proved positive. While the permitted blood alcohol level is 23 micro-gram he was on 80 micro-grams.

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Taken to the Midlands police station, the Curepipien was placed under arrest and sent to police cell. He will appear in court in Curepipe on Tuesday under a provisional charge of manslaughter.

75 fatalities since the beginning of the year

According to police investigation, Dharmatmah Ramhit and two cousins was heading for La Vigie from Nouvelle France when the driver lost control of his car. It was then 6:45 PM. The vehicle rolled several times before landing in a ravine. Dharmatmah Ramhit then abandoned the car and started running.

Sunassee Dylan was killed instantly bringing the number of victims of road accidents to 75 since the beginning of the year. His body was taken to the Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital in Rose-Belle. He was then transferred to the Victoria Hospital in Candos for autopsy that will be performed on Tuesday morning.

As for the cousin of the victim, Sunassee Shervin is in critical condition, according to doctors at the Rose-Belle Hospital. He was admitted to the intensive care unit and placed on a ventilator.