Synthetic Drug Is Currently Wreaking Havoc In Colleges

The subject was broadcasted on Thursday in the Tempo So emission. It is clear that the situation is serious and requires urgent action.

According to Ally Lazer, the social worker who fights against synthetic drug said that it is present in abundance in the colleges.

In most cases, he argues that it is the peer pressure that young people fall into this hell.

Watch video below:


As for Assaad Rujub, an officer from ADSU, he calls for people responsible within colleges to take responsibility by working with the police to address the problem of synthetic drugs in these institutions.

But Ally Lazer says that officials within colleges do not play the game in order to preserve their “reputation”.

This is serious and Top FM, through issuance revealed the extent of the problem posed by synthetic drugs. The authorities have to do their share of things now. Hope our appeal will not fall on deaf ears!