Deadly Accident At Midlands – The Driver: “J’ai Bu Avant De Prendre Le Volant”

Dharmatma Ramhit meets a provisional charge of manslaughter in the court of Curepipe. The police objected to his release on parole. He was sent back in police cell.

The inhabitant of Curepipe, tested positive for alcohol, was driving the car of Dylan Sunnassee’s father when he made a violent crash on Monday afternoon. Dylan Sunnassee and his cousin Sharvine Sunnassee are both residents of Union Park and were in the vehicle.

The car in which there were young men rolled over several times before ending in a wasteland. During questioning at the Midlands police station, Dharmatma Ramhit acknowledged that he was driving the car.

The driver was wanted after the accident. He was found near the roundabout of La Vigie. A policeman from the Traffic Branch arrested him on the day of tragedy. He explained that he had consumed a few glasses of beer. He do not have a driving permit and holds a learner. At the time of the accident, he was returning home in Curepipe.

The youngsters went to Blue Bay in the Peugeot 206 car on that day. Dharmatma Ramhit lost control of the car near the flyover of Midlands. The drama then occurred. The Midlands Police and firefighters were summoned to the scene. Dylan and Sharvine Sunnassee were rushed to the Jawaharlall Nehru Hospital in Rose-Belle.

However, doctors could only note the death of Dylan Sunnassee. The autopsy performed by the head of the forensic unit of the police, Dr Sudesh Kumar Gungadin, assisted by Dr. Prem Shaman, attributed his death to multiple injuries.

Sunnassee Dylan’s funeral was held on Tuesday, July 12. Relatives of Sharvine Sunnassee who is seriously injured has transferred him to the Apollo Bramwell hospital.