Double Murder In France: The Truth About Anwar Goolfee – Murderer, Pedophilia Or Mistress Lover?

Goolfee Anwar, brother of activist Raffick Goolfee, is involved in a double murder in France where he is established. He was arrested on Sunday by the Paris police because he is suspected of stabbing two women last Sunday night. Who is this man called “lonely introvert” by his brother? How this drama happened? What is the French press saying about our compatriot?

According to the testimony of relatives of the suspect on Sunday, Goolfee Anwar who lives in Pantin in Seine-Saint-Denis was preparing to watch the final of the Euro in the first floor apartment. But his neighbors on the ground floor, a Tunisian and a French of Pakistani origin, complained of noise coming from the first floor.

Both mothers made him understand verbally, said close relatives. However, around 10 PM (Mauritius time) the two women went to the first floor again to speak to Anwar Goolfee. The situation deteriorated and there were blows involved. After the fight, the two women found themselves down on the floor, stabbed with a chisel. The scene took place in front of the 12 year old son from Tunisia. It was him who told the cops on the alleged killer.

By cons, another relative of Anwar Goolfee contradicts the nocturnal disturbance theory that generated a neighborhood problem. He said the fifties has never increase the volume of his television. He supports the suspect who allegedly told the police that one of the victims was his mistress, a resident of Dreux, and not his neighbor and the latter came to see him earlier during the day of the tragedy. He added that the wife of Anwar Goolfee was at a birthday at the time of the tragedy, and pointed out that the police summoned the witnesses at the party. The family of the suspect in Mauritius has taken steps to ensure his defense.

Alleged Pedophilia
For his part, a French journalist who collected information also belies the theory of a high noise level. According to him, Anwar Goolfee allegedly tried to assault the girl of eight years of a victim. The latter came to talk with him but she was stabbed. Then her friend arrived and tried to defend her and was stabbed too. One died in the building while the other escaped before being caught by the fifties. The latter would have been stabbed outside and in front of the building.

Anwar Goolfee was covered in blood when he was arrested. Police found the murder weapon in his house, concludes the journalist. Some traces of blood remained on the walls in the building despite police cleaning.

Nothing seemed to predict that such a tragedy occurred, says one of the reporter who visited the crime scene in Pantin yesterday. All was quiet and children played and shouted a hundred meters away. But once outside the building we felt a heavy atmosphere. People traumatized by the horror of that sad Sunday night. A father we crossed the staircase descended the grave and closed face. Outside, people avoided us. A young boy on his motorcycle approached and launched: “Ouais, on le connaissait très bien. Il était grave gentil ce monsieur pourtant.”