Body Found At Petit Raffray: The Head And A Barrette Found

The mutilated body of a woman was found yesterday in a sugarcane field at Petit Raffray. In addition to being decapitated, it also lacked the right hand. Research resumed this morning and reportedly, the police found a barrette with some hair today. And shortly before 11:30 PM, a skull was discovered at forty meters of the place where the body was found.

Watch video below:


There was a strong mobilization of the police force at the scene. Some of the sugarcane were already cut in the area where the grisly discovery was made.

Upon discovery yesterday, the victim was wearing a white top and a pair of leggings. The woman’s body is currently at the morgue of the SSRN hospital. It has still not been identified. To recap, two joggers were attracted by a bad smell who made the discovery and have informed the police yesterday.