Body Found In Petit Raffray: The Victim Could Possibly Be A Bangladeshi

The body of a woman was found in advanced state of decomposition in a sugarcane field in Petit Raffray on the evening of Wednesday, July 13. But almost 24 hours later, it has still not been identified. According to information gathered, it could be a Bangladeshi national. The investigation is ongoing and police mended early at the scene is looking for clues.

During a search in the sugarcane field, the head of the victim was found. It was taken to the hospital morgue. The autopsy report of Dr. Sudesh Kumar Gungadin, a forensic pathologist, is expected to confirm if there is foul play. However, he said he expect the identification of the victim to perform this exercise.

It was around 8 PM that the decapitated body was found. A suspect is in the police sights. He is currently in custody for a minor offense. Investigators await the result of the autopsy for questioning.