[EXCLUSIVE] Could The Corpse Found At PETIT-RAFFRAY Be That Of Mrs. Wazifa Who Was Last Seen In Curepipe?

It has been more than one month since Mrs Wazifa has gone missing. According to sources, the latter informed her family of her decision to leave her house. She works at Goodlands and was last seen in Curepipe.

The family of Mrs Wazifa is disturbed since she went missing and now it is feared whether she could be the Petit-Raffray victim or not. The mother of Mrs Wazifa is extremely sick and the family is desperately trying to get news of her.

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A body was found in a sugarcane field in Petit Raffray yesterday night. The head and the right arm of the victim were missing but they were finally found by the police in the morning approximately 40 meters from the place where the body was located yesterday.

The body has not been identified yet. At the time of the discovery yesterday, the victim was wearing a white top and a pair of leggings.

Anyone having information about Mrs Wazifa please inform the nearest police station or send us a message on Facebook.