[RESIDENCE VALLIJEE] – A Man Arrested In Possession Of Synthetic Drugs

An inhabitant of Bambous arrested for possession of cannabis seeds

Members of the Anti Drug and Smuggling Unit West discovered 276 cannabis seeds following a search at the home of an inhabitant of Bambous in the evening yesterday. He appeared in court on the same day and was detained for investigation.

Seizure of dangerous drugs in Phoenix

During a search around 10:35 AM at the home of an inhabitant of Camp Fouquereaux in Phoenix, members of the Central Division of the Anti Drug and Smuggling Unit discovered “Nova 150” pills yesterday. The suspect was arrested because he did not have a prescription for these pills. He appeared in court the same day and was released.

Synthetic drugs trafficking in Residence Vallijee

Members of the Anti drug and Smuggling Unit of the Metropolitan Division arrested a resident of Residence Vallijee in the afternoon yesterday. He had twelve papers of synthetic drugs in his possession, a transparent bag containing cannabis, aluminum foil, cellophane paper, electronic scales equipped with batteries and a pair of scissors.