[VIDEO] Eiffel Tower Engulfed With Flames Following Today’s Terrorist Attack In Nice

Folks… the wheels are just beginning to come off…  people need to understand that we’re just in the beginning stages of this. Some of us have been warning for a LONG time that some real crazy things are coming… but no one has been listening…

Eventually, when things get real bad, and the U.S. Dollar crashes (which it will), stores will have no food… and Americans will hurt one another just to eat. Sound like crazy talk? What would you have said 6 months ago about the Eiffel Tower being on fire? What would you have said about race wars beginning?

Watch video:


Dean James at America’s Freedom Fighters reports:

Mixed reports coming in. The Eiffel tower is engulfed in flames, but it is uncertain if it is linked to the terror attack in Nice. Some are saying this is due to terrorism.

As we reported, at least 75 people have been killed and 100’s more injured in the southern French city of Nice tonight after a truck was “deliberately driven” into a crowd out celebrating Bastille Day in a confirmed terrorist attack.

The truck contained explosives. Body parts are strewn all over the streets. People are panicking.

Witnesses said the truck picked up speed and “rammed” the crowd where it was thickest at more than 30mph, and images emerged of the cab riddled with bullets. One said he saw the driver emerge with a gun after the truck came to a halt and begin shooting at the fleeing crowd.

Police have identified the driver, who was killed during the incident, and it is believed to have been a man who was known to security services. Separate reports emerged tonight that police fear four different trucks are involved, raising fears of a massive organized terror attack.