Mauritius Cyclone Update: Future “ABELA” Trajectory

All weather agencies are getting into but do not agree on the intensity of our first cyclonic system of this 2016/2017 season.

Future Abela Trajectory
In fact, while the US agency JTWC have already analysed the systems at the stage of a Tropical Depression, it is still considered as Tropical Disturbance by Météo France Reunion.

However, the two agencies provisionally agree that the Moderate Tropical Storm stage will be reached within 24-48hrs.
The system will be called “Abela”, name proposed by Tanzania.
Moreover, at 4 PM future “ABELA” was located by 9.7S / 68.9E points and about 1700 km northeast of Mauritius.
The minimal pressure is estimated at 1000hPa.
The tropical depression is moving West South West at 19km / h following the path prescribed by Météo France.