[DREAM PRICE]: Fauzee Sauladin – A Dream Comes True

The Dream Price supermarket continues its ascent and is in second place in the heart of Mauritians, according to a recent survey. There is no secret to the success of its owner Fauzee Sauladin. His recipe can be summarized as being a workaholic.

How were your beginnings in supermarkets?
It was not easy to start this business. It took hard work, sweat and sacrifice to bring a decent profit at home. Dream Price began as a small company with seven people. Through our efforts, we have polished this gem and made it shine more month after month. If we succeeded it is because we know what, where, when, and in the service of whom we are.

What is the recipe for your success?
The blessing of Allah, the support of my parents, my siblings, and my wifeNoreeza and our gems Zainab and Zaifah. And of course good work.

What do you do during your free time and during weekends?
My weekends are not my weekends. They are two days like the others. I take this moment to be attentive to the grievances and complaints and to review infrastructural problems where necessary. I try to be present at every point of sale where public and private bodies are on leave. I keep some free time for family, especially for my daughter who loves swimming.

Do you find time for your family?
I love my family and every minute of freedom that I have, I invested in my daughters. My wife makes me take a day off to spend time with them and then I have to do my secretary to cancel my appointments and do apologize. But it is worth it to make my family happy.

Do you cook?

No because I focus on the vision of my company.

Gourmand or gourmet?
Rather gourmet. During the week, I take a quick breakfast with my beautiful girls. For lunch, I eat noodles that are prepared in five minutes. I take dinner with my family at home.

Do you play sports?
Frankly, only in my dreams. This is because I walk a lot to visit my stores and I eat moderately.

What books do you read?
I mostly read newspapers and magazines that I will not name.

Do you listen to the radio?
Yes, because all information and the complaints can be heard therein. I put myself in four to help citizens when the complaints are based.

Your favorite television show?
I prefer to watch a football match from the English Premier League. But I must admit that the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation is improving. We are still far from the English standards but there is progress, especially on the promotion of local artists, entrepreneurs and unemployed.

What kind of music do you listen?
Soft music. My favorite singer is Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

Your idea of happiness?
To serve the people of Mauritius and enable them to make maximum savings for them to ensure a better future.

What would you want to achieve before leaving this world?
From a family point of view, I wanted to see my girls succeed in their lives, and settle down to enjoy with my grandchildren. From a business standpoint, I would like Dream Price to continue its steady growth and become the number 1 supermarket in the hearts of Mauritians.