[METEO] Weather: Abela, A Moderate Tropical Storm In The Vicinity Of Mauritius

The tropical depression intensified and is now a moderate tropical storm. It was baptized Abela at 3:15 PM on Sunday, July 17 by the weather station of Vacoas. At 4 PM Abela was about 1170 km north-east of Mauritius. It is moving in a direction of west-south-west at a speed of 20 km / h.

According to the weather station, the combined effect of Abela and a strong anticyclone situated at the southeast pf the Mascarene maintains a windy weather over our region. Rain and winds are expected in the evening of Sunday on the central plateau. The weather will also be rainy on Monday.

The gusts could reach 80 km / h. As for the sea, waves of about three to four meters are expected. Outings in high seas and in the lagoon are strongly discouraged.