[PORT LOUIS] Rs. 400, 000 Worth Of Vegetables Seized

The police made a nice catch at the Pump Street, Port Louis on Saturday, July 16. During a raid performed in the company of officers of the municipality at 4 AM, the police seized several tons of vegetables including potatoes and onions.

The vegetables seized are estimated at Rs. 400, 000. The road where the auctions are made is regularly invaded by merchants in order to sell their vegetables. In addition to the noise, locals bemoan the disorder that these traders leave behind once their vegetable stocks are sold. According to a source at the Ministry of Local Government, these merchants who illegally occupy this street have been warned several times by the police.

“Cette descente est le résultat d’une campagne infructueuse de la police auprès de ces marchands pour qu’ils cessent leurs opérations. De plus, la rue Pump se trouve dans la zone tampon de 500 mètres autour du marché central qui, selon un ordre de la Cour suprême, est interdite aux marchands ambulants,” revealed a source who argues that these operations will continue as long as it is necessary.