Rose Belle: Two Police Officers Faced A Hostile Crowd After An Accident

The crowd in Rose Belle became nervous after a road accident in Rose-Belle on Friday, July 15. A vehicle in which there were two policemen hit a cyclist. The latter was slightly injured and his bike was damaged. The crowd became angry with the police officers after they said that they will not take care of the cyclist.

Angry, a few people from the crowd asked the police officers to come back at the scene and make a statement. However, the police officers quickly took the opposite direction and escaped.

The cyclist gave his statement at the police station of the area in the evening of Friday. An investigation has been opened at the central barracks, a source revealed. According to the Rose-Belle police station, they argue that many people were drunk in the crowd at that time and the two policemen preferred to go directly to the police station where they reported the accident to prevent the situation from escalating.