CCID: Marie Géralda Nandoo, Wife Of Anwar Nandoo Arrested

How is Marie Géralda Nandoo implied into the death of her husband Mohammad Anwar Nandoo who was found dead in his bed in Eau Coulee? That’s what the investigators of the Central Criminal Investigation Department (CCID) will determine today. They will carry out an interrogation of Marie Nandoo Geralda, wife of the victim on Monday, July 18.

The latter’s name was cited in this case by Saminaden Vyapooree who was arrested by officers of the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) on Friday. According to our cross-checking during an investigation at the premises of the Major Crimes Intelligence Unit (MCIT) on Sunday, the suspect confessed and implicated the wife of the victim with whom he said to be very close.

Saminaden Vyapooree have indicated that it is on behalf of Maria Geralda Nandoo that him and his accomplice, a man named K and fatally assaulted Mohammad Anwar Nandoo. The motive of the murder: the money invested in an insurance plan that held the victim.

In a first interrogation of Saminaden Vyapooree, he had denied any involvement in the case. His alibi: he went to to Nandoo’s wife house in Castel in the evening of Sunday afte work. The suspect was brought to court after his arrest in Curepipe and meets an interim charge of murder.