[MV Benita] Mauritius Is Asking Rs. 13 Million From The Insurer One Month After

It has been a month since the sinking of MV Benita at Le Bouchon and the bulk carrier has not been salvaged yet.

The various operations conducted so far has cost about Rs. 13 million to the state. It is the insurer London P and I Club that should make the refund.

The Police Helicopter Squadron has so far spent Rs. 8, 5 million to rescue the crew. A fight on board of MV Benita was the cause of the vessel drifting before running aground on the reefs at Le Bouchon.

Furthermore, the Helicopter Squadron bills are expected to increase further with the transportation of oil. The bulk carrier had 125 tons of fuel oil in the hold.

On the other hand, the National Coast Guard has so far invested an amount of Rs. 1, 2 million.

Departments of Ocean Economy and Environment and the Mauritius Oceanography Institute will also make claims.

Note that a first recovery operation is scheduled for tomorrow. However, the attempt to salvage the ship will use hydraulic force even if the American expert DEMEX Ltd and the specialists of Five Oceans Salvage Ltd have other options.

On the other hand, the Ministry of the Environment remains more alert with the salvage as the heavy oil present in the cargo ship could spread throughout the sea and create an Oil Spill.