[Planned Murder In EAU-COULÉE] : “So madam finn dir moi touy so mari pou gagn cash lasyrans”

She is suspected of ordering the murder of her husband, Mohammad Anwar Nandoo found dead at his home in Eau Coulee on Monday July 11. A provisional charge of “giving instructions to commit murder” was lodged against Géralda Nandoo during her court appearance in Curepipe on Monday July 18.

Police had objected to her release on parole, Geralda Nandoo was remanded until next Monday. It was in the morning that she was arrested as a result of allegations made against her by her ex-fiancé, Saminaden Vyapooree aka Jessen.

The latter, who had initially denied to be involved in the crime, went to confess on Sunday. This 45 year old inhabitant of Castel confessed to killing Mohammad Anwar Nandoo. He said he had acted on the instructions of the wife of the victim. « L’épouse d’Anwar, avec laquelle j’entretiens une liaison extraconjugale, a voulu se débarrasser de son époux. So madam finn dir mwa touy so mari pou gagn cash lasirans. Avec l’aide de mon complice, j’ai agressé Anwar. Je connais l’épouse d’Anwar depuis mon enfance et nous nous aimons», said Jessen to the investigators.

The alleged accomplice of Jessen, a named Kevin, was also arrested by the police on Monday.

Bilkiss D., the daughter of the victim said that her mother Géralda had never asked Jessen, the ex-fiance of her mother to kill her father.« Li pe koz manti parski mo mama pann dir li touy mo papa », she said on Radio Plus.

On Monday 11 July the lifeless body of Mohammad Anwar Nandoo was discovered at his home in Eau Coulee.