[Sebastopol] He Sells A Van That Does Not Belong To Him At Rs 390, 000

The taxi driver wanted to increase his revenue by buying a van. A man then offered to sell a vehicle to him against a payment Rs 390 000. The opportunity was too good to refuse for the taxi driver. However, after making the purchase the real owner came to recover his vehicle and the nightmare began for the victim.

In April, a taxi driver from Sebastopol was approached by Axcel J. who offered to sell a minibus to him. He set his selling price at Rs 400 000. The taxi driver did not hesitate to start a deal with him since the vehicle was in a good running condition.

After negotiations, the two men agreed on a selling price of Rs 390 000. They were at the Terre Rouge / Verdun link road to make the deal. The victim did not have any doubt that he was facing a crook at that moment. “Quand il m’a présenté le horsepower et les autres documents relatifs à la vente, je ne savais pas qu’il s’agissait de faux documents.”

Both parties finally concluded on the sale. “Il avait l’air pressé. Il prétendait que le showroom d’un concessionnaire allait fermer et qu’il comptait s’y rendre pour effectuer un dépôt. Mwa, mo ti bien bizin enn masinn pou travay.” He then handled Axcel J. Rs 390,000 in cash who in return gave him the keys without filling forms. After a few hours, the taxi driver tried to call the seller but without success: the cellular phone of J. Axcel was off. He then realized that he has been fooled and immediately went to the Sebastopol police station to complain about his misadventure.

The victim later learnt that the van belongs to a resident of Belle Mare and Axcel J. is only a driver after investigation. The owner approached the taxi driver and asked for his vehicle some time later. Axcel J. was arrested by the Criminal Investigation Division of Quartier-Militaire. He appeared in court on Monday and will remain in detention. The investigation is conducted by the sergeant Jaulim.