[Vacoas] This Mango Tree Is A Source Of Danger At John Kennedy Street

The most successful power tools and man power were not enough to overcome a tree stump at Vacoas.

The chemical ‘stumping’ was the ultimate solution chosen by the owner of a building located at John Kennedy street while going towards Vacoas. The chemical application has been made nearly two months ago. But today the mango tree is a real danger to passersby because the chemical in question has weakened and rotten the trunk.

A locality who lives about 100 meters away from the trade sent a photo this week to show the real risk involved to road users. The intervention of authorities were required as soon as the photos were seen by them. “Je vous laisse imaginer les conséquences éventuelles d’une telle catastrophe et sur les passants et sur les bâtiments.”

Alerted by a close source, the municipality of Vacoas / Phoenix accounts to send a team there for analysis prior to taking proper actions.