[Exclusive] Suicide Attempt At Caudan: Why Did Priya*, Mother Of Two Children Want To End Her Life?

Earlier today, Top FM received a Whatsapp message that said a woman wanted to end up her life and is desperate. The police press office was made known of the message and they rushed at Pont Coleville and Caudan (harbor area) to look for the woman.

Here’s what Priya (name changed) wrote on her Facebook wall:

Suicide Attempt

She wrote that she was going to take this step because she felt that she has gone through much ordeal because of her husband. She further explained that she was sad about her decision and hoped that her mother would take care of her two children after. She lashed at people who always point at fingers at married women whenever a couple breaks.

At the end, she wrote that she is fed up but is not sad to end her life and is doing so in full consciousness.

Fortunately, the Top FM team intervened on time by informing the police and they rescued the woman at Caudan unharmed. Priya* was brought to the nearby hospital for care and treatment.