Murder At Eau Coulee – Anwar Nandoo’s Wife Promise To Give The Aggressors Rs. 5, 000

Geralda Nandoo Marie, the wife of Anwar Mohammad Nandoo was arrested last Monday. Her lover Saminaden Vyapooree implied her in the murder case. The alleged accomplice of the latter Sew Seetohul was also arrested.

Greed or matter of the heart? Geralda Marie Nandoo suspected to be the sponsor of the murder of her husband Mohammad Anwar Nandoo whose body was found on the evening of Monday, July 11 in Eau Coulee was arrested by the Major Crime Investigation Team (MCIT) on July 18.

The 43 year old woman was implicated by her lover Saminaden Vyapooree aka Jessen. The latter told investigators that Géralda told him to kill her husband so she can pocket the life insurance money that her husband contracted. However, Saminaden Vyapooree evokes a matter of the heart. According to our information, an amount of Rs 5,000 was promised to the perpetrators to kill Anwar.

The alleged accomplice of Saminaden Vyapooree, Sew Seetohul, a resident of Allée Brillant aged 23 was also arrested by the sergeant Gooroovadoo and bloodhounds Françoise and St-Médar of the criminal brigade of Curepipe. He was then handed over to the MCIT for further investigation.

Geralda Marie Nandoo told investigators she knew her lover Jessen visited the house of Anwar in the early hours of Monday, July 11. “J’avais donné à Jessen des détails sur la clé de la maison d’Anwar pour qu’il fasse un double. Sa zour-la, Jessen finn al Eau-Coulée pou bat Anwar parski li ti anvi Anwar sorti depi dan mo lavi. Jessen a simplement voulu lui donner une correction,” said Geralda to investigators. She revealed that more details will be given in the presence of her lawyer.

“We drank rum”
After her interrogation, she was presented in the court of Curepipe where a provisional charge of ‘Giving instructions to commit a murder’ was brought against her. After her court appearance, she was transported to the hospital because she felt uneasy. After receiving the necessary care, she was detained because the police objected to her release on parole. The interrogation will continue on Tuesday.

As for Sew Seetohul, he recounted his involvement in the crime. “Saminaden came to me and told me to accompany him to Eau Coulee because there was a job to do. I accompanied him and he took me to the home of Anwar. Once inside the house, Anwar Saminaden hit in the head with a club. After beat, we went Jessen where we drank rum, “says Sew Seetohul. He also said he does not know Géralda Nandoo.

On the other hand, Saminaden Vyapooree denied assaulting Anwar with the club. He told investigators that Sew assaulted Anwar. After his interrogation, Sew Seetohul was brought to the crime scene at the Charles Regnaud Street in Eau Coulee. He showed where Jessen threw the club after the assault. The weapon was recovered near the house of the victim. It will be sent to the Forensic Science Laboratory for analysis.

After the exercise, Sew Seetohul was sent to the police cell. He will appear in court in Curepipe on Tuesday for his indictment.