[Update] Chemin Grenier: Priest Marouff L. From Reunion Island Suspected Of Murdering Wendina Narainasamy

A frightful discovery was made on Tuesday afternoon July 19 in a house at Social Centre street in Chemin-Grenier.

The corpse of Wendina N. aged 21 was found half-naked. Marouff L., a Reunion Island priest is suspected of killing the woman.

The priest then tried to commit suicide by self-inflicting injuries to his neck. Wounded, he was urgently taken to the Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital where he was admitted.

A neighbor of Wendina says she heard noises before the murder. She came out of her house to inquire about the situation. She said she heard the mother of the victim shouting “Vinn get mo zenfan’ at around 5 PM.

Moments after, there was a big crowd outside the house of Wendina. Police arrived a few minutes later.

Another neighbor said: “Monn tand so mama pe plorer. Monn trouve enn pake dimoune laba.” “ti enn bon tifi” “Li ti pe travay me mo pas konne kot sa.”

The Major Crimes Investigation Team (MCIT) and the criminal police [CID] of Souillac are leading the investigation.