Vacoas: Dilshad Paralyzed For Life After A Motorcycle Accident

Motorcyclists are the most vulnerable people to road accidents. They are unlikely to want to talk about sequels. But these are indeed present. 25 year old Dilshad knows something and since his accident three years ago, he is bedridden in a small dark room. This former mason has now lost all autonomy movement.

It is even hard for him to pick biscuits laid on the table next to his bed: “Je ne peux pas quitter le lit sans l’aide d’une autre personne.” In most cases, the helping person is his older brother Abdullah who himself has health concerns. The latter underwent a heart surgery recently and is still following health treatments.

On the night of the accident Dilshad was returning from a construction site. He suffered an injury to the spine. “Même après tout ce temps, je ne me souviens pas des circonstances de l’accident. Je me souviens simplement du réveil douloureux,” he said. He later confessed that he does not like relating about the tragedy.

Since that day, the entire lower part of his body has been paralyzed. “Mon frère ne peut pas bouger,”  said Abdullah. Je dois lui donner son bain, changer ses couches et l’aider dans tout ce qu’il fait. Le plus dur ce sont les escarres qu’il a constamment. Cela nécessite un soin particulier.” These wounds have to be cleaned daily due to his immobility.