[VIDEO] Police Officer Auckbarally Assaulted: «LA POLIS MORIS PA TRAVAY KOUMA BIZIN»

The incidents took place on Monday night 18 July at the Dauphine Street in Port Louis where 20 year old Nawsheen Auckbaraullee revealed that she was assaulted in front of her parents’ house.

This aggression is the result of the backdrop of a dispute between neighbors. According to our intersections, the young woman was beaten by a group of seven men and women in front of the house of her parents.

As her pregnancy had expired, Nawsheen Auckbaraullee was taken to emergency hospital Dr. A.G. Jeetoo after being hit in the stomach. Once admitted, she delivered by cesarean section. The child is doing well.

Watch video here:

But clashes between this group of individuals and the family of the young woman continued at the hospital also. Thus, the husband of Nawsheen, Akram Auckbaraullee- a 27 year old policeman who is assigned to the Environmental Police, and two others were attacked.

Elements of the Special Supporting Unit (SSU) had to be deployed. The situation calmed down at around 11 pm.

Akram Auckbaraullee said the following to TéléPlus “la polis Moris pa travay kouma bizin.”