Corpse Found At Petit Raffray Identified – Anouska: «Ma mere etait une femme battue»

The body decomposed found in a sugarcane field in St. Francois, Petit Raffray during the night of Wednesday 13 July  is that of 48 year old Shrimati Alleear, a resident of the locality.

Anouska, the daughter of the deceased went to the home of the latter, at Dispensary Road, Petit Raffray, on Tuesday 19 July. She found traces of blood in the house. Without delay, she informed the police. Driving in the premises of the Central Investigation Division Piton, she recognized the clothes of her mother. « Ce churidar appartient à ma mère » she told investigators.

Shrimati Alleear Corpse Found Petit Raffray

No news of her husband 
Asked in Tuesday night by the police, she said that she had not hear from her mother since nine days.  « Maman a l’habitude de rendre visite à ses proches et je croyais qu’elle se trouvait chez une d’elles. Pendant neuf jours, j’ai essayé de la contacter, en vain. C’est pour cela que je me suis rendue chez elle », says Anouska.

She also revealed that her mother did not experience an easy life. « Elle était une femme battue, mais n’a jamais porté plainte à la police. Il y a vingt ans, mon père l’a abandonnée. Il y a quatre ans, il est revenu. Mais ma mère ne voulait pas vivre sous le même toit que lui. Depuis, leur relation a empiré. Je n’ai plus de nouvelles de mon père depuis la disparition de Maman »she reveals.

On Tuesday night, the criminal brigade of Goodlands raided the home of Shrimati Alleear and noted traces of blood. Police are now looking for Sunil Alleear, the husband of the deceased.

The investigation by the sergeants Ramnarain, Seewoochursing, Krishna Nair and Ramasawmy, is under the supervision of the ACP Vinod Domah.