Corpse-Petit Raffray: The Victim Identified

Major developments have occurred in the investigation into the corpse found in a sugarcane field in Petit Raffray last Wednesday, July 13. The corpse has been identified and it is 48 year old Shrimatee Aullear from Petit Raffray. Her daughter conducted the identification and confirmed her identity.

The investigation is conducted by sleuths of the Criminal Police (CID) of the North with the cooperation of elements of the Field Intelligence Office (FIO). The clothing worn by the victim also allowed family members to confirm the identity of the body.

According to police investigation, the woman was an abused woman and was separated from her husband. She left him since he was an alcoholic. However, her husband returned to live with Shrimatee Aullear some time ago.

After the first step of identification, investigators will now investigate into this matter to determine the circumstances in which she found herself in the sugarcane field and with whom she was seen for the last time. After this, we will be able to determine if there was foul play or not. Stay tuned.