[Crime In Chemin Grenier]: Antenne Réunion Presents The Alleged Murderer As A Sorcerer And Contradicts The Version Of The Victim’s Mother

The atrocious crime of Chemin Grenier was discussed on ‘Antenne Reunion‘ today. The one who we consider as priest in Mauritius is in fact presented as a sorcerer. In a video, one can see Marouff Latchimy Hadji aka Julien for Réunionese, engaging in rituals.

The video also refers to the crime of Chemin Grenier. And it is revealed that the girl and the priest had a relationship. This is something that is strongly ebing denied by the family of the deceased.

Watch video below:

His lawyer, a Réunionese will be in Mauritius  tomorrow. He will represent him in the case of rape and crime. He had a discussion with the presenters on Antenne Reunion. And his version does not corroborate with that of the mother of Wendina. Antenne Reunion also reveals that Marouff Hadgi Latchimy was prosecuted for witchcraft in Reunion island.