[Exclusive Video] Drama In Chemin Grenier: Mother Of The Victim “Aya la ti enn bon garcon!”

Crime in Chemin Grenier: “Aya la ti enn bon garcon! ”

This was the declaration made by the mother of Wendina Narayasamy to TopTV. Savita was in tears when she made her declaration. Since the day of the crime she has been living with her sister in the same village. The mother of the victim who runs a shop lived alone with her youngest child. When she was returning from home on the day of the crime she relates how she saw blood in her yard while seeking for her daughter on last Tuesday.

The autopsy on the victim was performed at Victoria Hospital in the morning that revealed that Wendina was attacked three times in the neck with knives. The ‘healer’ then used the same knife to inflict wounds to the throat and abdomen before throwing it to the roof of the house.

Watch video below:

According to a source the health condition of the man is now stabilized. He was admitted to the Nehru hospital in Rose-Belle and is under heavy police surveillance. Wendina’s funeral will take place tomorrow at 11 AM at the home of her aunt. Note that the sleuths of the Scene of Crime Office were on the scene this morning to make further investigations.

Marouff Latchimy Hadji is of Comorian origin who was living in Reunion Island before coming to Mauritius and according to a source, he is a married man and has children.

Did he attempt to end his life after murdering Wendina or was there a third person involved while the ‘healer’ and Wendina were at home? This is what the sleuths of the CID of Chemin Grenier are trying to determine. Stay tuned.