Murder In Chemin-Grenier: The Suspect Known As A “healer” In Reunion Island

«Tiloute» is the nickname of Latchimy Julien who is believed to have strangled his fiancee on Tuesday July 19 at Chemin-Grenier. The case is also being discussed in the Reunion Island press. According to the Journal of the Reunion Island, Julien Latchimy moved to Mauritius three years ago.

A native of Saint-Leu, the Reunion Island national of 39 year old is depicted as a “guesser” or a “healer.” According to a priest interviewed by the Journal of the Reunion Island, “he looked at the future of people and healed bewitched people.” Another of his activities is to “cast evil spells. ”

Moreover, the name of the healer has been mentioned during the 2009 election campaign in Saint-Leu. Indeed, candidate Thierry Robert accused him of making the incumbent mayor Jean-Luc Poudroux listen to his “advice”.

Tiloute was arrested two monthsago after a Beau-Vallon resident accused him of sexual touching. He spent a night in jail before finding freedom after paying for his bailout and signed a debt of gratitude.